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The Fiji Islands


'Paradise' - we know the word gets used pretty loosely but if it is appropriate for anywhere, it’s Fiji. There are over 300 islands set in warm crystal clear waters with palm fringed white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, fantastic coral reefs, lush rainforests and idyllic places to stay. Relaxation is big in Fiji but if you’re in the mood there are an incredible number of activities – trekking, amazing snorkelling and diving, local villages to visit, kayaking, sailing and even swimming with manta rays.

Fiji offers a diverse cultural experience with the Fijian and Indo-Fijian people – their food, their outlook and differing lifestyles. From remote island villages to the town of Nadi and the capital Suva, Fiji provides an endless string of amazing experiences. Our expertise and experience ensures you’ll leave with a grin as big as a Fijian’s!

The Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands group are just off the coast from the town of Denarau and offer those beautiful crystal clear waters, palm fringed long sandy beaches and coral reefs that we all dream of. There are islands, villages and resorts plus fantastic snorkelling and swimming and other great activities. The Mamanuca Island you'll stay on in your schoolies itinerary is South Sea Island you'll also cruise the Mamanucas on Wanna taki - the overnigt cruise.

South Sea Island is the smallest island in the Mamanucas and is surrounded by crystal clear waters and incredible coral reefs. Enjoy snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. Take a dip in the pool or laze on the sandy beach. Ride beneath the waves in the 'Subsea Advenure' to explore coral reefs and see the magnificent tropical fish life in the surrounding marine sanctuary. South Sea Island is a great place to do your first ever Introductory Scuba Dive (optional). South Sea Island

The Yasawa Islands

The remote Yasawa Islands group consists of a chain of 20 ancient volcanic islands, 4 of these islands have dramatic elevations with summits just short of 600 metres above sea level! The pristine white sandy beaches and dramatic monoliths surrounded by crystal clear lagoons provide an awesome environment for relaxing or enjoying the many activities on offer. The Yasawa Island you'll stay on in the schoolies itinerary is Mantaray Island Resort on Nanuya Balavu.

Mantaray Island Resort Manta Ray Island Resort, situated on Nanuya Balavu Island (found at the southern tip of Naviti Island) is a modern style backpacker resort set alongside a gorgeous turquoise lagoon. Lap up the sun on the stunning sandy beach or get active with the many organised activities on offer including Introductory Scuba Diving, snorkelling trips, kayaking, beach volleyball and even swimming with the manta rays. Then come evening, get in to the beach bonfire party!

Fiji Language

Almost everyone in Fiji speaks English - as it's the official language, but the Fijian language is preserved and widely spoken in many different dialects. Almost everyone in Fiji is bilingual and many Fijian terms are included in every day English usage. It is handy to know some of the more common words and phrases, and the Fijians will be delighted to know you picked up some of their language.


Fijian English
'Bula' (boo-lah) - You’ll hear it all the time, it epitomises the warm, friendly outgoing nature of the Fijian people. 'Hello'
'Ni sa bula' (nee-sa- boo-lah) A very warm or formal 'Hello'
'Ni sa yadra' (ni sah yan-dra) 'Good morning'
'Ni sa moce' (ni sa moe-they) 'Good bye'
'Yalo vinaka' (yalo vee naka) 'Please'
'Vinaka' (vee na-ka) 'Thank you'
'Vinaka Vakalevu' (Vee-na-ka vaka lay-voo) 'Thank you very much'
'Tulou' (too low) 'Excuse me'
'Io' (ee-yo) 'Yes'
'Seqa' (senga) 'No'
Sega na Lega (Senga-na-lenga) 'No worries'
'Kana' (kana) 'Let's eat'
'Koro' (koro) 'Village'
'Meke' 'Traditional Fijian dance'
'E Vica' (Eh-vee-tha) 'How much?'
Sota Tale (Soh-tah-tah-lay) 'See you again'


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